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Duh, you non-Whovian…whoops, is my geek flag flying too high?

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Finally, the moment of truth. According to them, the connections among superheroes, the military, guns-for-hire, and the U. I meet a chef-turned-real estate agent with a penchant for traveling around the world…and collecting Star Wars toys.

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Better yet, the panel opened with some primo overthinking:. More than 50 guys who waited in line for a shot at geek love get rejected before they even have a chance.

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Over singles attended. So he starts following me and trying to talk to me, and he asks me who my favorite Doctor is.

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I smile blankly and change the subject. About Us What is Speed Dating?

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Ah ha, so that explains why nobody was dressed like The Flash at speed dating. Combined Shape Group 2.

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I assumed the room would be filled with guys comic con 2014 nyc speed dating this: The event included sexy ice breakers, catered food, and light music conducive to conversation. Film critics have argued that fantasy movies became particularly popular in the s because the despairing masses needed to escape the onslaught of war images and the ever-looming specter of terrorism.

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On Sunday, February 13th, we had our annual Valentine's speed dating and singles party. In the s and even the very early s, we were still on the fence about the speed at which technology was advancing. Check out the funny video. Now I keep imagining this as a sitcom type setup.

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Or maybe even this: When the event wraps up in a little under an hour, I emerge from the Javits basement and into the sunlight having made some meaningful connections with people I never would have met otherwise. Because the Flash is fast!

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Even more prevalent were the soldiers of fortune. We chartered the foot yacht exclusively for our singles party.

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I love people who love things. But where were the Is val dating anyone of yore, I ask you?

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Why did I see so many guns but only a single Game of Thrones character Daenerys? He met his wife at the speed dating I think? Comments I can…sort of relate to this, specifically the nerdy guys being weird while trying to impress you.

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