The dating dos and donts for the digital generation Cult dating book The Rules gets a modern makeover

The dating dos and donts for the digital generation

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You've got an early start in the morning applying full make-up and styling hair before the postman appears. Physically find one, grab them and not let go.

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Obviously don't text him, tweet him or talk to him. You should only ask someone out face-to-face so you can witness there horrified screams of 'No!

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Maintain an air of knowing silence, or look weird, it's up to you. I'm regularly grateful to have been one of the last generations of teenagers who didn't have to worry about social media when it came to college crushes, but even I remember days spent staring at a mobile phone that refused to beep.

So to save you some time I have recently been immersing myself in the the of self-help and dating manuals, let's say it was for "research" to decipher their key for, their plan of action.

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A digital theme from the original Rules, women should never open their mouths uninvited, even then probably best to say nothing at all. Go outside and meet someone else, don't read dating manuals is the only rule you need.

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It's good advice, written in the vein of now-famous post-Rules guides Why Men Love Bitches and He's Dos Not That Into You; each is predicated on creating an epiphany moment in women, when they suddenly understand what completely free messaging dating sites is that men want or need from them.

For the rest of us, it's a welcome return to anonymity, to relinquishing the constant anxiety over whether you should be publicising how cool you are by tweeting your global positioning reference every time you enter a cool new bar or restaurant. Obviously the concept that the 'Digital Generation' consists of social media the clue's in the name has been forgotten before you've even got into the book.

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It's not good or bad, it just doesn't work. Harriet Walker harrywalker1 Tuesday 15 January If you break up, The New Rules answer is obviously to un-friend him, nothing says I'm so completely not bothered, better than you and a paragon of female power, than not amritsar dating site Facebook friends anymore. That's brief isn't it and not at all making you sound like a sexual deviant.

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And when it did, you didn't pick up. They're addicted to answering guys back in nanoseconds and they're not dating dates. Silly me of course though, this is the digital generation, send him as many mp3s and Youtube videos as you like.

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The New Rules might not explain the great the, but they offer certain coping strategies in the meantime. Plenty of us have been waiting to find that out for years.

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The book that had s women playing it cool has a new look. Much of it makes sense — "Don't generation texts or anything else after midnight"; "Don't get wasted on dates"; "Don't relocate because of a guy" — while many chapters, such as "Don't talk too much in the first few weeks", might make the modern woman recoil.

Just shut up will you! Particularly ones about cats, everyone loves cats.