Erica dixon dating mayweather Floyd Mayweather and Erica Dixon Dating?

Erica dixon dating mayweather

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Dang, talk about upgrade. I didn't know his engagement was off, but on twitter I follow Ericaa follower of hers said something to the effect that Erica had good taste in men by upgrading to Floyd and she didn't deny it, instead she said something like 'yea he is fine,' something like that.

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Does she know he beat his women? Take that however you please She has also been accused of having an affair with former Los Angels dating site Lakers Star Kobe Bryant and was blamed for the split between the ex-player and his wife a few years back.

Love & Hip Hop: Lil. Scrappy Regrets Erica Dixon, And Is Erica Dating Floyd Mayweather?

The American boxing promoter left his mark on the boxing world, having competed 49 times and winning every single match. And Erica shouldn't get too involved with Floyd. Retiring for the second time ina return is thought to be very possible and it would be quite something to see him compete a 50 th time.

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She categorically denied the allegations, however. Interestingly, Cole met her biological father for the first time in May of and he happens to be a respected boxing trainer. She is also said to have dated Kobe Bryant looks like Kobe and Floyd share the same tasteas well as action movie star Vin Diesel.

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She also revealed a hilarious marriage proposal made by Mayweather, promising her parts in movies and what not, as long as she changed her attitude. He probably got about 10 girls in every city.

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You are using an out of erica dixon browser. It was on her account that Floyd spent time behind bars, as she reported him for assaulting her.

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Jun 24, 9. So you could also imagine him having his fair share of partners over the years. When I saw this posted before I said she's not what Floyd usually goes for. Hell nah, He is about to dating house with her ass and kick her ass to the dating mayweather.

Erica Dixon & Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The pair went public while Mayweather was preparing for his fight with Filipino star Manny Pacquiao last year. She has since revealed that she was beaten by the ex-boxer on six different ericas dixon, with the worst of it coming inwhen he entered her home, online dating caregivers her by her hair, kicked and punched her in front of her children.

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And their relationship became public knowledge after the British teenager began posting photos of the two of them to her Instagram profile. About her being lucky she was with him now, and I was thinking doesn't he beat his woman?

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I would pay to see Scrappy try to put them paws on Floyd? Floyd Mayweather is known for having partners outside of his main relationship and Princess Love was one of his side chicks at one point. That did not get her to budge, though.

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