Matchmaking two friends You set up two friends. They hate each other. What to do?

Matchmaking two friends

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Your goal is really just to get your friends talking — they can take it from there. If it goes horribly, absolutely wrong, everyone is going to blame you. Rules I plan to stick to, because no matter what happens with a potential match, at the end of the day, I want to keep my friendships intact.

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We set expectations way too high. Are they in the same age range?

1. Casually Bring Up The People In Conversation To Each Other

They were both secret romantics, and very smart, with huge hearts. Enter your email address.

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Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock. Matchmaking is an old practice. You might think that this will alleviate the pressure of the set-up but it really doesn't. Don't have an account yet?

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How many times have you met someone your friend has spoken highly of, say, a work colleague or a new friend from book club, and been just as enamored with the new comer as your friend? Verify Your Account We have found your account but you must first verify your email address. Log In Sign Up. But this approach has one more perk: Bad dates happen, and sometimes you have to go through a few types of people to recognize which is truly the right fit for matchmaking two friends.

3. Carefully Gauge Their Reaction

But it worked for me: Make sure you know what your friends are prioritizing so everything doesn't end in a mess of miscommunications and tears. But I started to feel out the interest of both parties.

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They were each other's types. Fear of missing out? And so I was "set up" on a date, a prospect deemed frightening and ill-advised by so many.

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