Pzkpfw iv schmalturm matchmaking Give Me Pref MM! -Panzer IV Schmalturm

Pzkpfw iv schmalturm matchmaking

But surely it can into pref MM: A well balanced medium tank at T5.

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I have this tank, and use it to train my E50M crew, and have no complaints about it at all. The low hit points make this thing a slow scout in a tier 10 match Sell it for creds.

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I concur, in tier 8 battles it does not have enough mobilty, accuracy, pen or damage to be effective. It's a good earner and performer, but it must be used like a turreted TD to stay alive in battle.

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Lockhart77, on 14 April - Whooohooo 13 Posted 06 April - As a sniper it can hit tier 8 tanks hard, and with premium ammo you can be cork dating real problem for those big heavies. Community Forum Software by IP. Overall it's a good tank worth buying if you like combat at a distance and using hull down tactics.

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Embiggener 12 Posted Mar 21 - The points you make - valid though they are - is what makes the Pz IV S a premie. Thread moved to more appropriate section of the forums.

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Lockhart77 7 Posted 15 April - TheHolyRoller 4 Posted Mar 17 - Arnim 11 Posted Mar 20 - Most of the time, I am placed on a tier 6 match and I rarely go to iv matchmaking 8.

Otakubouzu 18 Posted 15 April - Guess which one the Pzkpfw IV Schmalturm is.

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I will be honest, the 75mm is very effective. So, I am asking, if this tank can actually get preferential MM speed dating asda atleast make it a good prem tank?

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It trades this for poorer hull armor and poor mobility. Lert 2 Posted Mar 17 -

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