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Events are randomly generated by 6am in the morning game time. Having a hard time picking a name?

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I am not sure this is tested but by confessing your love to them I think it also brings it up a bit but its not noticeable. If she says she is busy when you ask "let's go on an adventure" this can mean one of two things.

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By taking advantage of this, you can save before a dating requirements of no birthdays or festivals, sleep sevaral times, then reset and try again. Feb 18, 14 at 9: I've never tried it out.

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Here is a great tip. Be sure to check out: Keep talking to her and giving gifts until she's at 7 LP. I'm just trying to who is demi lovato dating 2013 with it.

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It is triggered by talking to xiao pai, she will ask you if you have heard the rumors from Rf4. Try dating requirements the love points higher.

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I see some people saying it has to be hearts. It took a mountain of pickles and eyeglasses don't ask to get this guy to even think about moving my name to his little black book. No asking for general game recommendations.

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Also, as you are playing as a male, you will need an Engagement Ring this goes for all bachellorettes except Xiao Pai. Smile Practice was one of them. In order to marry someone, players must trigger at least two events: Might as well marry into power, rather than take it by force. Now to confess yourself all you have to do is press the R-trigger button while talking to the candidate you wish to marry.

He's super dedicated to being a prince.

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Frey wrote him off at about interaction ten. Ashley Montgomery November 14, at 8: Do not include any spoilers in a post title. For a while, I thought that they were allowing same-sex relationships, because the women keep flirting with you. No asking for free stuff, including games, My Nintendo codes, etc.