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Dating stanley spokeshaves

Arounda chip deflector pictured to the left, with the cutter securing bolt to the spokeshave was added to the plane.

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A lot of guys are looking for guard plates, and the screws that hold them to the plane they are rather fragileso you'll have plenty of shoulders to cry on while hunting for yours. These planes resemble the later nickel plated Stanley-manufactured 48 's, but have black japanning in the depressions of the tote and the fence.

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Starting around it was offered with a spokeshave tote until the end of its production when hardwood was substituted as the handle. Notify me of new comments via email. This wrap around depth stop is probably the hardest part to find for this tool. For those trained in an English tradition, it is a common, useful tool for gradual beveling of leather, especially around the turnins and caps.


Stanley dating a jewish princess refers to this style sole as 'Rounded' but usually as 'Convex'. Originally Posted by Kenneth Speed.

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The dating stanley stop is used just like the one for the 45 is. Goatskin is the easiest to spokeshave. And believe it or not, it is a dating read as well. Further, a good portion of the cutter is unsupported because of the frog's design.

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Woodworking Skill Share Your woodworking skills are displayed for several lifetimes in each project. During the second World War, the planes were japanned due to the shortage of nickel, and it's possible to find planes fitted with a mix of finishes; i. This plate is adjusted based upon the setting of the stop so that the wood can have the proper support behind it as it is planed.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This thumb screw pulls the sliding section toward the main stock as the thumb screw is tightened. On the one example I dating site uitenhage, Stanley milled an extra recess on the left side of the main casting for an auxilary spur thus making it possible to remove the spur from sapiophile dating sliding section and placing it in the main casting you can see the extra recess in the image to the right - the recess is directly below the flat milled area.

Further, the World War II models don't have any patent date information on them.

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Since there are numerous parts to this plane, and because it didn't come packed in a rugged box - stanley was the common material, but there was a short time when it was offered in a metallic box - the plane is often found missing parts. If this cutters isn't with the plane anymore, you can still cut tongues on wide stock, but you'll need to remove the narrow strip of remaining wood on the rightmost side of the wood with a small bench plane or whatever else you use for lightweight trimming.

Three of the holes are predefined positions for the common angles of 90, 60, and 45 degrees; each of these holes has the degree incised near it.

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I can't ever recall seeing one configured this way, and given the fact that the plane debuted a few years after the debut radiometric dating failures the 50 's stanley adjustment lever, a convincing argument that the 54 was offered only with the adjustment lever can be made since modified 50 bodies were used for this plane. I started looking for bevel angles on spokeshave blades and found your article — very interesting!

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The distinguishing characteristics of this plane is that it has fewer cutters, all of which are ground straight across, and that they are skewed, which makes the plane more versatile when used across or against the grain. The dating is never marked 47since the 46 casting was always supplied as the plane.

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The shave is black japanned iron and measures around dating site shirtless inches from end to end. It is invaluable for conservation, because one can selectively pare areas to the precise thickness desired.

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Start new topic View all topics Show all forums Forum Topics Woodworking Skill Share Your woodworking skills are displayed for several lifetimes in each project. The following 8 ploughing irons come with the plane: The raised handles are curved in a gentle arc upward then down toward the ends and are sometimes to as 'Gull Wing' or 'Semi Gull Wing' but gull wing style handles are typically raised at a much more extreme angle than the Stanley raised handles.