Is spencer still dating toby The 'Pretty Little Liars' Finale Dialogue Basically Reveals Which Couples Are Endgame

Is spencer still dating toby

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Placing some money down on the table, Toby gets up from the table and starts to leave the Grille. Tanner says that it contains the ground for Spencer Hastings arrest warrant, and that it was unsealed today.

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Toby is in Emily's room waiting for her as she tells him about her moving to Texas. Toby tells her to shut up and assures her that she doesn't know what he is doing or why. I wanted to say that first.

He feels bad about doing this, but he needed answers because he did not believe that his mom committed suicide. She is wearing Toby's boxers and shirt. Pretty Isn't the Point.

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When Spencer opens to door to Jonny, Toby listens as Jonny gives Spencer his deposit, before Toby gets up from the is spencer still dating toby. Toby pushes Noel into a table making it fall with a body bag coming out of it. Over My Dead Body. Toby is looking through his mother's transcript again, while Spencer researches more about Tippi's phone number.

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Lab to confide in her privately about his big secret, which the other girls have just uncovered. Her mom gave her a lasagna recipe zimbabwe dating sites she is cooking for him at his place. Caleb wonders if there is anyone inside, so Toby runs towards the house to check, while Spencer anxiously pleads with him to stay with her.

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Apparently, his truck wound up at the mechanic after the brakes stopped working, which alarms Spencer, considering he treats it like his baby.

Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out.

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I figure I can set up a chair and just fan myself while I watch you work. They agree to meet later at the Grille and hang out. Riverdale Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Tennessee gay dating next day, an upset Toby tries to ignore Emily when she comes to sit with him, but gives in when she presents him with a mixed CD of her own. He soothes her concerns by telling her she is the reason he'll stay. Later, after Spencer gets into an argument with her dad, she goes to Toby's loft and asks if she can move in with him for a while.

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JK — Shay Mitchell herself says that's one mystery the show will never solve. After he tells Spencer about finding it and the way her father reacts to it, Spencer thinks that the hockey stick may have been what killed Alison.

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Toby tries to follow her, but can't find her.