Wot su 122 44 matchmaking Is SU-122-44 worth it?

Wot su 122 44 matchmaking

Started by MajorSchwartzOct 03 Community Forum Software by IP.

Did I want to throw my controller through the wall to the next room then burn the entire fucking place hook up edmonton the ground? Yes, but I didn't because I knew that out of all the game mechanics, that's the least problematic.

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Oh, looked pretty good, like Stalin's attempt at an E VoightKampff 16 Posted 03 October - Community Forum Software by IP. It's a great little tank that doesn't need any buffs.

World of Tanks Weak Spots, Tank Guides, and Tips

Try playing it a little bit like a medium, using other tanks for cover when you can, and getting those sweet sweet side and rear shots. This tank guide will help you understand how the SU plays and whether or not it is a good purchase for your garage.

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As for the rest, all I will say is Su 45 members have cast votes Get or no get? Most tier 7 tank destroyers do not have over damage rounds, so already the SU has a leg up on most of them in that area.

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Do not show this dialog again. What's the depression on it?

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Slow aiming, but gld, my object crew, and my stockpiled rations helped out considerably. Try to trade without taking damage by taking wots su 122 44 matchmaking where you can provide fire power without detection or let your team mates take the hit and then pump a shot or two into the enemy while they're reloading.

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It would be rather OP. Community Forum Software by IP.

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Take plently of gold, because you mightn't be able to penetrate some tanks, and don't worry about shooting it.