Hook up imac to internet How to Connect Wi-Fi to an iMac

Hook up imac to internet

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The moral majority of routers have several spare ports. Click on the network to which you want to connect. Click the wifi icon in the top right corner of your screen.

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All text shared under a Creative Commons License. Included with the iMac are utilities that make connecting to wireless networks a three-step procedure. For example, your work may offer an ethernet connection for your computer.

If the wireless network is password-protected, enter the password. Unless your network is in a fairly isolated location, you'll probably see a few different network names here.

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If you end up choosing an unprotected wifi network, be careful about the information you view and input while using it. Other users may be the telegraph online dating to view this information as well.

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How can I find out who's accessing my Google account from a Mac? Review the network list. Understanding Personal Hotspot iOS: About cellular data usage. Apple iMac computers in many cases feature wireless network connectivity or can be upgraded to support wireless networks.

Connect at home

A fair amount of public locations, such as businesses and shops, have wireless networks associated with them. Log into your Mac. Click the pertinent network. Make sure there isn't anything between your computer and the router. References hook Apple Support: See these articles for more information:.

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Plug the other end into your Mac's Ethernet hook up imac to internet. If all else fails, you can use your Ethernet cable to connect your Mac directly to the router. At work, you may have either a a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network connection available.


You shouldn't have to enter your password the next time your Mac connects. Connect using a Personal Hotspot or your iPhone Some wireless carriers and cell phone providers offer services that let you share the Internet connection used by your cell phone with your computer. Using a local area network LAN doesn't require you to enter a password, barbie kissing dating tom dating ariana your Mac may ask you if you want to trust the source. Especially if your router is on a different level of your location than you are e.

MacBook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

If your router is in a cabinet, try opening the cabinet doors. Connecting your Mac to the Internet There are several ways to get connected to the Internet so that you can browse the web, download updates, or play online games.

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Authorize the connection if you agree, then open your web browser to verify the connection is working. Anything from basic furniture to walls and appliances can interfere with a wifi signal. Generally speaking, the network in question will have the strongest signal out of all the surrounding networks. Make sure you have an Ethernet cable.

Getting Connected

Mac OS X In other languages: Move closer to the router. If you didn't name your router when setting up the network, the network name will probably be the name of the router's company followed by a numerical tag.

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If you have the option of picking a password-protected network over an unprotected one, go with the protected network--being able to connect to a secure network is worth the hassle of having to ask an official e. Only do this if you use this network often.

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