Dating mexican telecaster Mexican Fender Serial Numbers

Dating mexican telecaster

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Want to be a better guitarist? I am a little puzzled by the timing of when I got the guitar to its serial number dating. So is it possible then that the models actually came out in the latter part of ?

Jun 4, 8. Jun 4, 9. I'll save the x factor dating london for the Bad Dog Cafe.

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What still puzzles me is getting a later date example at an earlier time, i. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

How Old is My Mexican Fender Stratocaster?

Jun 4, 7. Now it's time to get back to playing! Okay, thanks, I will dating mexican telecaster that on the back of the pickguard. Your name or email address: The person I bought from played it for two weeks and put it up for sale.

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I thought it was similar to cars, releasing a model in sorta thing. You can also find more information on the Fender site. Fender decided to switch to using the number 10 instead of a letter prefix.

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Fender also made a series of guitars in and that were produced and assembled in both the US and Mexico. Does anyone know for sure or know of a more up-to-date dating mexican telecaster number dating site?

Instead, you have pietermaritzburg singles dating rely on the "Made in" decal on the headstock to find out where the guitar was made.

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So starting in lateguitars were being produced with the number 10 with a space followed by seven or eight digits. Honga ManJun 4, Acoustic Repair Articles recent articles. Fender has always been good at keeping us guessing with their numbering systems.

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Do you already have an account? Yes, my password is: Acoustic Building Articles guitar repair parts and tools.

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The first two letters following the "MX" serial numbers indicate the year of production. Jun 4, So everything was pretty simple up to this point, right? Well I am not worried at all about it, I am only a little puzzled. All of the "MN " serial numbers are then followed by five or six digits like this.

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I hope this article helped you understand your Mexican Fender guitar serial number and figure out how your guitar is. My MZ2 Tele had a date stamped on the back of the pickguard; if you pull yours off, you might find a stamp there too.

Just like the American Fenders, the "Z" stood for zero or the s.

1990 - 1999 Mexican Fender Serial Numbers

I hope that wasn't too confusing for you. Obviously, Fender had to do something about this, so it changed the serial number scheme a few months later. Jack SJun 4, Well, then comes

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