Allkpop snsd dating Girls' Generation Tiffany's and GRAY's dating rumors resurface

Allkpop snsd dating

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She's so mature and wise and always thinks and cares for her members a great deal. Comments stated, "Didn't believe it back then but after seeing this I think it's true.

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I dating when that time comes, I'll need to search from then on what Lee Sun Gyu likes and is good at. Maybe she said that jokingly but you can feel how much she just wants to live like normal people and live as lee sun gyu. This year marks Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho's 5th anniversary.

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Don't bring others down just to make yourself feel better. I keep thinking she dated Taeyang, but I guess not Yuri admitted, " I have dated a younger man before.

Another dating was I beleive Kang Mi Yeon, a long time ago she had a dating rumour with HOT and she received a death threat written on the lid of a box in blood with a knife inside the box.

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Then recently, speculations resurfaced after fans noticed Tiffany's recent SNS activity. The haters said that she's the most ugliest members in SNSD and me and another Sunshiners didn't mind at all,because we like her because of her kind and protective sides,and we respect her too much,because of her,we learn to appriciate another members of SNSD without being jelous or even complain about her whenever she got the less lines,she got the less job the most,we proud of her,and Sunny herself make us as the Sunshiners proud of her and another members too.

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My sweet Soonkyu, I hope she can be herself soon. BoA to make her comeback soon with a song featuring Dynamic Duo's Gaeko. Can they please just leave her alone and stop bullying her?! Regarding the public relationships, Sunny stated, " After the dating news, they became cautious and can't even go on dates well.

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Are you the type to publicize your relationship if you're in one? Highlight's Junhyung goes shirtless in new concept photo for solo digital single 'Wonder If'.

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The top 10 K-pop songs from boy groups over the past 20 years. Ryeo' - Episode 3.

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Discussions from allkpop Forums We must be dating mtvs singled out guide to dating. They order chicken in the dorm with the other members. The couple confirmed to be dating in January of Netizens caught the celebrity couple enjoying a shopping date.

To tell the truth, we feel sorry.

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