Cheerleading dating sites Details Emerge on Cheerleader-Escort Scandal

Cheerleading dating sites

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One woman came into the season five pounds lighter than she was the previous year:. Sounds good, but in an average season, a cheerleader will make only 30 or so appearances, and many of those don't pay at all.

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What Others Are Reading Viewed. Similar to the Raiderette setup, the datings sites describe a system of payment for every home game performed: So you're stressing over keeping a somewhat arbitrary weight and, quite possibly, over expenses barely met, but that's just the start.

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The dates were set up through the website Seeking Arrangement. It's the Mary Kay scheme, give or take a pink Cadillac.

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Making all this more galling is the arbitrary enforcement of the rules. Search over 15, Career Opportunities.

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That must've been an exciting moment for the cheerleaders, especially after the hour bus ride to New Orleans. For women, that number is ; for men, it's Other women, even those trying to work around college exams or graduation, were meanwhile told that any absence would be unacceptable, while management skipped practices freely.

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As part of the tryout process, prospective cheerleaders are weighed, with the figure serving as a baseline—at least for some. Image by Jim Cooke.

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After that first session, the cheerleaders must continue to visit the same hair salon to maintain the prescribed style, paying for the service themselves. Koch Institute to Conservatives: Day Week Month Year.

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For anyone fed up with constant pressure, scant pay for tons speed dating form work, and the requirement that you build your entire schedule around a seasonal part-time job, there's the omnipresent threat of being kicked off the team.

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Eventually she had the backbone to tell them she was fed up with it, and quit.