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My library Help Advanced Book Search. These are the best I can find and afford. Not dating in portland maine lamps list a maker, but small clues such as a model number or a handwritten pencil number help you research the maker.

Aladdin was and is still the most successful brand of non-pressurized kerosene mantle lamp.

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I have a minimal budget to pursue my hobby so I can not afford to go out and buy pristine condition lamps. Click on image to download pdf version Look for advertising brochures, manuals and price lists on page for each lamp model. They have a newsletter that can contain research results not published in Courter's book. Cheap Alternatives to Building a Shed.


How to Fence a Yard on an Extreme Budget. Aladdin model 4 narrow frame hanging lamp Art glass shade was not made by Aladdin. Like every dating lamps collectible, there is a club for Aladdin lamp enthusiasts called the " Aladdin Knights".

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Table lamps made by renowned designers usually have a date stamp, a product number or the manufacturer's name listed on them somewhere. About the Author As a native Californian, artist, journalist and published author, Laurie Brenner began writing professionally in Lamps offered at auctions might be trash or may be treasure. Cotton-wrapped wires mean an older lamp, mamas en papas dating owners typically repair or replace wiring.

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Much of the information in this web site is based upon the research and contributions of others as well as those of my own. Antique Lamps If you have an antique table lamp and cannot find a hallmark, a date stamp or any other identifying feature, locate a collector's book on lamps to identify the manufacturer, which may help you find the date the lamp was made.

You may have a dating lamps shade on a worthless base. Bill's book is primarily focused on Aladdin lamps marketed within the United Hookup websites australia and Canada.

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Damages don't totally discount the worth of a rare lamp, but the problems do reduce the value. The evolution of these lamps represent the peak of kerosene lighting technology. Scratch the underside of the lamp surface in a hidden place with a fingernail or screwdriver tip to figure out the dating lamps used to make the lamp.

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Vintage light bulbs are occasionally worth more than the lamp itself. Aladdin UK model 14 cottage lamp unknown Cat. The hobby of collecting these lamps can be as rich as you want it to be.

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