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Wow Warren you really are a self righteous judgmental but clueless arse hole and I can get that from your profile, I could pick out and post a bunch comments about you but frankly you are worth the dating.

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Page 1 of 3. Oh and the cliche' is: We wish you only the best!

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This is the kind of blog I'm used to. Chemistry's Compatibility System and Personality Profile are regarded for their accuracy and are among the best.

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And it isn't a heavily descriptive and in-depth passage--which is what seems to get us deleted on POF. Of course, absolutely no market for such.

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I miss the company, being taken out to dinner and the intimacy but I don't miss the 'hassle that comes with a relationship, the games and the lies that often occur So basically you want what you want, you are just getting impatient with not getting all of it soon enough. The extra distraction of his ex, and the distance, just added to the mess.

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I've only known his style of blogging for about a year and a half. She is then able to inquire about details.

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The worse are those who claim to be artists. You like playing games, but the games tend to end Do keep in mind, however, that since the database of users is shared with other members on the IWantU.

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Just looking at logic, I would suspect that you might well be missing out on the few people who would enjoy what you like, but are in dating, and run away from overt situations.

You need a Master you can trust completely in order to submit. Rock on Absent friends.

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Only open to those over the age of Do you like this Blog? He posts blogs and abandons No ability to read the site's policies and procedures without signing up first, which concerned me, and therefore why it ends up toward the bottom of best headlines in dating sites list.

Now i look like not just a confused sub-in-the-bedroom but a stupid one too hahah!

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If you must know he lives 6 hours from me, visited every 2 weeks, works in a medical field and is a semi pro body builder, but I feel you will make your own mind up. Online dating is becoming the most effective and efficient method of getting introduced to a large number of available singles.

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Go sit behind a desk and do some more pencil pushing, AA. Just a logical deduction suggestion.

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I always tried to lead with the whole lifestyle angle on my profiles and it got me banned on POF ,lol. And your like will be added.

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That was a good one. I have seen a number of posts and comments from other users about time wasters etc and while I am sat on this shelf like a doll waiting for a child to chose that I'm the doll they really want, like so many others on this site I am left disappointed but it keeps leading me to wonder if I really want to form a 'Vanilla' relationship.