Dating ex military guys MODERATORS

Dating ex military guys

Would you date an ex military man?

And those going in to the relationships with the men might find themselves without a husband. Granted, we did date before he joined.

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And from the likes of which, sounds like you wouldnt be mature enough to even slightly handle the shit that makes me privledged enough to have the title of military wife. I was gonna say- I went to a citizenship ceremony a while back for a buddy of mine My son is married. No posting personal pictures.

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I have met a few who were in the Military and the only issue I noticed was it was all they talked about and all they thought about to a point where I started to think do I really want to hear about this all the time? Each branch of the military focuses on guy, duty, honor, sacrifice, and service and others before self.

We welcome inquiries from everyone into the mysteries of the feminine. Now as with our former marines at times, yes.

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Military life is not easy, even if you are cut out for it which I am not. I guy myself I would not make a good soldier My ex sexually assaulted me.

Either way I think all military men deserve respect and recognition. Be prepared and try to understand that 3 to 6 months of bro bonding time really is not healthy for a man, and he has to do what he has to do to overcome that. Most people live their entire lives without facing their emotional demons, because we live in a society that has taught us to suck it up and soldier on.

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My dating was a nice guy too. Understanding dark humor Learning a why dating a married man will never work sense of humor is something that has to happen when you date a veteran.

You have to be ready for that.

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I am very proud of him, and thoroughly panicked and emotionally devastated at this transition in MY life, dating. My career was secondary. Make the decision for you, and for him.

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But he was a good guy and it seemed like the only thing that influenced him from the military was his drinking. As being in the military is probably the most intense stressful job there is who spend the most time away from their families.

Wed Dec 22, 7: I'm married to a military man.

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He met his wife before the military, and I think she keeps him grounded and out of too much trouble. Did I mention that they will never let you pay for dinner?

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You have to be a very strong and special kind of Woman to endure it. The variety of experiences is very interesying.

1. Unquestionable loyalty.

I love the writing and the photos. Are there some who are jerks? It still requires work, even from a war zone. I'm over it in 5 minutes just like I dont want to hear about the ex wife.

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I'm terrified that he will change, things will get weird between us after being apart, etc. Every door will be opened for you if there is a gentleman nearby who can do so.

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Wed Dec 22, 4: