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Chummy date hookup

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Has the crazy eye thing going on. So when is fishfly coming back? I hope he sexually haunts you.

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Nothing wrong with that! I really do feel sorry for women that get themselves involved with some of these characters often referred to as men around here, and David is certainly not the only one.

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Leah, LSU and Heather were chummy date hookup all victims leading no one on And keep your personal involvements with other posters to yourself. He's an obsessed psychopath and should be locked up. It's abusive the way he goes about it and I would not want to be in front of him if I was the target of his romantic anger.

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A guy that looks like Freddie Mercury of the rock band Queen in a black karate suit holding out his fists. Yes Jake, and I remember how all these crazy stories came up about you killing a nurse, and it was all just people attacking you because of people taking sides in matters just like this. Leave out the word, likeand you've nailed hook up deals Like Dean Martin said, "Everybody loves somebody sometime".

You people talk shit all the time about Spaz just because he won't reveal his name or show his face, but I think if any one of us were ever in a serious situation he'd be the one you'd want on your chummy date hookup.

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He said he was coming back today. Showing compassion when not warranted I think is worse Fly has been nice to me and likes to talk about his music and his cats and enjoys the forums.

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Can someone help me out Oh in answer to your question if i would consider dating fly. Then she can teach Korbyn how to do his nails and find suitable dresses.

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Obviously in this case, 3 questions dating somehow felt that Heather was leading him on, and he being himself, of course over-reacted to it.

Sorry I don't agree And, I'm sure, if any man were to become obsessive with you or scare you in any way, you would just block him or handle the matter in you're own way without starting a thread to broadcast it to the forum!

I was thinking fishing movies are great, but I am easily influenced and love to go with the flow! We never gave up on each other and she is my friend. These characters, take David for example, set their own reputations up for all to see by their very own behaviors here in the forum.

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Check your mail, FM. Heather has a lot of friends here, or she does have others who are concerned for her.

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