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And he also finds it amazing that he gets to work with Arambula and Mujica.

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Hayser will play a detective on the show that premieres on Sept. Hayser and Gabriel Porras will be at odds during the series, but Hayser said that off the set, he's really gotten to bond with Porras. By Yara Simon staff latinpost.

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His dating events in boston will be romantically tied to the main character, who he has spent his time trying to jail. And because the show will take place in present time, he had to learn how to use guns and what codes police officers use so that it can look realistic.

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The story will start with her being released from jail after 11 years for a crime she didn't commit. But he also interpreted the role in his own way. But he's also filled with shadows and fears that don't let him move forward.

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So much so that Hayser hopes to work on another project with him soon. Share This Tweet This.

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Arambula will play the lead character Lucia "Lucha" Duran. From Mexico to the world: Gal Gadot's Hottest Instagram Pictures.

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Disney Channel's newest star is adding diversity to the channel and empowering girls her age through her lead role in "Stuck in the Middle. Share Tweet Email 0.

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Though his character is based off of Javert, it's not exactly the same. Do not reproduce without permission. To prepare for the role, Erik Hayser read the book and saw the musical on Broadway.

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