Dating valve radios Dating your radio

Dating valve radios

If there's no club nearby, you can contact an Internet forum or discussion group. Approximate dimensions are; height 90mm, width mm, length 85mm, fixing centres 70mm.

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Mainly Italian sets of course, but quite a few American, German and British radios. In the American Octal base valves first appeared in UK manufactured radios. I needed the space. Vintage Bakerlite Bush valve valve spares or repairs - no valves Spares or repairs - no valves.

See the website currently under construction http: Often a strong indicator of when a radio was made.

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You may dating to be creative to identify your radio through these means. A full description of the restoration of my set, plus details of the modification, are in the Recent Repairs section of this website. Your radio may have lost its label, logo, or other identifying features.

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A digital photo or two attached to your email would help a lot a 30k file is sufficientbut is not necessary. Has been rescued from my late father's house. Around radios started to incorporate pcos dating pregnancy tuning dial calibrated in wavelengths and a built-in speaker behind a piece bourbon street hookup decorative cloth.

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Virtually all radio makers licensed several technology patents from other manufacturers, and they were required by law to disclose those patent licenses. For every rare and unusual radio, there were thousands of cheap and common radios. The set is designed for V or V valves radios, so will need a small extra resistor in the heater chain for operation on V.

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Plastic insulated wiring started to be used during the 's as a replacement for rubber which was in short supply. Show only see all. Somewhat later, many were housed in comparatively plain wooden or metal boxes. I want to sell my old radio.

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This is clearly an upmarket and expensive Philips model - and it sounds really good too! Most s tubes had glass envelopes and large bakelite bases with four or five pins.

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Otherwise it was in complete condition. It is located in the Instituto Industriale Statale on the radio side of the road leading to Juliet's tomb, a favorite site for tourists.

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Early valve radios were battery operated and were designed to work with headphones. Vidor CN display vintage suitcase picnic radio project box.

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I do not have any information on antique radios, television or TV, stereo or stereophonic systems, vintage music system, or turntables. It has an arrangement where a cam is soldered onto the Tuning cap so when tuned to the max cap it operates a dating switch which switches in the extra caps to tune the aerial and osc sections!

How to Identify Old Radios

On the other hand, it's not unusual to see a mixture of brand names on components. If you see a Philco radio whose model number starts with two digits and a dash, the the first two digits indicate the year of manufacture. Hi I'm working on an American clock radio valve. Please see the Tuning Drives page for suggestions on repairing these.