Hearthstone matchmaking arena Hearthstone matchmaking arena

Hearthstone matchmaking arena

The arena stats thingy they released last month: And I've never gotten more than 6 wins poor me ,but I often experience something like that,even when the deck is fairly good.

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Last edited by TheKennyL24 on Nov 25, It's been said over and over than arena has no hidden MMR other than the one for brand new accounts for the first few runs. That average put him 3rd on NA for players with over runs of sample size in Oh my bad I remembered horribly wrong.

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Best players on EU had nearly 8 wins per run averages. Curse Help Register Sign In. You can get people with constructed hearthstone matchmaking arena decks in earlier games or in 2 loses matchesthat's arena for you.

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Save your gold for the next expansion. Blizzard literally released some arena stats about a hearthstone matchmaking ago.

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But that's what best people would do if there was no MMR christian love dating site arena. I got wins like maybe 30 times.

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Anyone who says so is showing you a very very limited sample size or lying. Arena system can give you somebody with same wins or someone who has about wins less or more. Yea, I know that Feeling.

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Last edited by hintM on Nov 27, The thing is that in a last week i only one time got above seven wins and i don't understand why. I agree, it is probably because the more casual players are arena gold right now.

I've had 10 run streaks where I averaged 3 wins more than normally and streaks when 3 wins less than normally.

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As far as I know,I think it matches two players with the same number of wins,whoever wins This is the HA profile for the player who was 3 on EU covering runs Kripp Heartharena profile has his last arena runs tracked for an overall average of 7. If you play a lot, all kinds of stuff will happen.

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Possibly it's because most casual arena players went to the ladder to climb ranks at the end of this month.