What do i do if my daughter is dating a loser What to do if your sister or daughter is dating a loser?

What do i do if my daughter is dating a loser

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Now they are closer than ever, her roommate told me that he basically lives in her room and that she has to wait up for him at all hours from when he comes drunk or high. I don't want to put up walls between me and my daughters.

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You gave some good advice BTW. She met this boy in school last summer from her school, 20 yrs old.

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Webb, I like your nudging idea. Well, you are just like most people. He receives not financial help from the government and completely relies on her. No advice because the daughter is an adult.

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She mentioned to her BF in front of me that her visit home was great and eye opening and his response was that I was brain washing her! I spoke to her in all kinds of way of the sacrifices we are making for her.

She actually did and I thnk became more fond of him than me.

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I would have figured out they were losers earlier on my own. Mar 8, 9.

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What a letter to your 19 year-old self. She agreed to study to get better grades.

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In all honesty, you most likely will not be able to convince her to leave him because he is lazy. My 19 year old daughter met a a guy 2 years ago at a party from the next day they started living together and never been a part.

Her daughter had dated an inappropriate guy for five or six years - thru her freshman year. Especially when they are being supported by their girlfriend.

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Mar 8, They don't like her new boyfriend either. But he does love them.

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What to do if your sister or daughter is dating a loser? My little sister started dating a friend of mine.

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Membership is just one click away. Things fell apart as they do but we always thought well of each other just the same. Why doesn't she just let you choose? On her first night back, I was informed that he was living there mooching off, smoking the day away I kind of wonder if Jess would be happy with any boy right now. They are all happy living the college life.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. They can certainly have a conversation and gently share how they feel but then no fee christian dating sites up to the daughter.

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And actually, you want your kids to figure things out for themselves or they never learn to make good decisions on their own.